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  • Laura Lee Bahr

A Tribute to "Agnes"

Yesterday, my friend the phenomenal actor and producer Angela Landis texted me with the news that Casey Kramer died.

I won’t pretend I had any more familiarity with her other than as a director who cast her as a vital role in my first feature, who adored working with her, and who saw how she brought out the best in everyone she worked with.

What I do want to do is point out her awesome filmography, a lifetime of work and some places within our movie where she really GOT what I was going for, and delivered it.

You can see her in two shining  scenes – one the homage to Shining at minute 21 (we first meet her face through the hole in the door she shot)

And again at the 40-minute mark where the camera doesn’t leave her and she goes through the range of emotions for us without a cut. “Are you selling religion? Because I’ll take some right now.”

And then one of my favorites, an outtake improv she did that’s in the post-credits, “I’m telling you, she’s a birch! She’s such a bitch!”

And yeah, she was funny as f*ck.

Being an actor is hard work, and being one of such incredible generosity and talent is something that takes time and commitment. Casey took the screen with her luminosity, but made me as a first feature director feel absolutely calm and at home with her presence.

Wherever it is that we go when we are done with the role we play in this world, I send bouquets to Casey.

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