When Dominique Colt brutally murdered her fiancé and gay boyfriend in a bondage sex game, she had no idea the woes writer/director Madeline Hunter would endure to get a movie made about it.

Mads may think she has the story, but there's a mind-blowing mystery to uncover ... if she can just avoid being bitten by the Vampire that was once her best friend.

Fantasma se abre con la aparición del cadáver de Sarah, fallecida en extrañas circunstancias. Esta misteriosa mujer te habla directamente porque tú (sí, tú, quien está leyendo esto) eres un protagonista más de la historia. Te meterás en la piel de un aspirante a estrella del rock, y de tus decisiones dependerá que llegues a un final de película o que te tengas que arrodillar para conseguir respuestas. Pero no estarás solo en este onírico viaje, porque también es la historia de Simon, un periodista que está enamorado de la víctima y quiere saber qué ha pasado; y, por supuesto, la de Sarah, de la que no sabes muy bien si ha fallecido o no, ya que la muerte será el menor de tus problemas.

“Laura Lee Bahr writes masterpiece fiction. Oh my God, we're witnessing the beginning of a brilliant canon and career. ” – Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box

These nine prime cuts of Angel Meat feed the soul in a collection precisely crafted for connoisseur and newcomer alike. Taste the “Grade A” stick-to-your-ribs psychological horror of "The Liar," the dark love magic cast by "Rat-Head," the bold blend of sci-fi and noir in "The Cause," and the naked truth revealed "In the Desert."

Laura Lee Bahr's distinctive flavors linger on the tongue long after the reading's done. Her transcendent servings of flesh, wings, and heart are yours to savor for years to come.

Haunt is a tripping-balls Los Angeles noir, where a mysterious dame drags you through a time-warping Bizarro hall of mirrors. She's the girl of your dreams. Too bad she's dead. OR IS SHE?  In Haunt, "you" are the hapless corporate tool and rock star wannabe turned private Dick. Here, even your most inconsequential choices can make all the difference between a Hollywood ending on the beach and sucking cock for clues. This is genial lowbrow high lit weirdness: the funny, punchy cousin of Danielewski's House of Leaves, a Vonnegut and Salinger paté on a choose-your-own cracker, with a lapdance from Nancy Drew.   (NOW IN AUDIOBOOK!!)

Laura Lee Bahr

author | filmmaker | performer