The No Shush Salon Presents: Laura Lee Bahr, Thursday, July 29, 2021
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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 "You may choose an adventure that leads you to a melting memoir, a tangerine, a dead princess in a block of ice, or a small space f**k in this multimedia, sensory No Shush. You are invited to this magical interactive spell-cast for Zoom fatigued and shapeshifter-curious. There will be cat pics. Wigs and whiskers are encouraged."

Strange Bird  at Boston Underground Film Festival - part of Nightstream 2020

Interview with Libros Prohibidos, published 2/27/20

The Latest

photo by Ashley Inguanta, Kerouac House 2018

The Noir Volume, edited by Wlliam Boyle, April 2020,

Streaming a restoration of Ted V. Mikels'​ One Shocking Moment and

featuring my fiction pieces/music video The Good Wife and The Melting Memoir/Mindy's Lament.

author | filmmaker | performer

Laura Lee Bahr

Winner of the Guillermo de Baskerville  Award for Best Translated Novel - 2019